Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nanjing Presidential Palace

Nanjing's Presidential Palace is a beautiful historic site. Nanjing was the capital of China for a long time, around five dynasties if memory serves, and so of course its seat of power is the location of many historic events. It's also rather plush.

Rulers and residents have included Dr Sun Yat-Sen, the Japanese (when attempting a coup with the puppet Emperor - around the time of the rape of Nanjing), the rebel (and probably insane) Taiping Heavenly King Hong Xiuquan, the Kuomintang, and the People's Liberation Army. The site is now the location of China's Modern History Museum.

The entrace across from the main courtyard is supported by tall red pillars. Lanterns hang under the roof.

Many officals' offices are unused, and kept in a traditional layout.

The roofs are fantastically detailed in bright colours.

There are many small courtyards, between rooms and corridors.

A very heavily ornamented seat, in a throne room.

Lamps are inset into the ceilings at regular intervals.

A stone carving of a dragon, mounted in a wall.

Here is another office in traditional style. The furniture here is still manufactured and easy to buy, so it's probably not antique (and maybe not even historically accurate).

An irregularly shaped set of shelves for mounting ornaments. They still make these, too; squares feature heavily in Chinese woodcraft and construction, and this irregular style is moderately easy to find.

In the east garden.

A view from a pier in the east garden, overlooking a pond.

The east garden pond.

A reflection in the east garden pond. Poets describe good water as being "green" in Chinese history (obviously not for drinking!)

Carp in the west pool. Almost every lake at a scenic area in China has carp!

The entrance to the rock garden in the west wing of the palace.

Many things at the presidential palace are extravagant. This wall has a sinuous line with complex tiling on top.

The rock garden in the west wing.

A stone boat, in the west pool. This is a copy of a larger and older stone boat in Beijing. The inside of the boat is furnished for entertaining.

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