Friday, April 20, 2007

No rice!

After a good solid meal of ten "lamb-on-a-stick"s and four "duck-heart-on-a-stick"s, something to soak up the meat is often good. This being China, a simple bowl of rice seemed the best and easiest option. So, in search of this basic staple, I went into a nearby restaurant, where a few people were being served food.

The conversation went as follows:

"Could I have a bowl of rice please?"
"Don't have it."

Stunned silence..

"This is a Chinese restaurant, right?"
"I'd really like some rice."
"Don't have it."

By this time, I'd noticed a large bowl of steaming rice on one of the tables. Pointing to it, I ventured:

"Really? I can see the rice on that table. Can I have a bowl of that?"

The owner's look was rather grumpy at this point.


So she stormed off, fetching my food. She didn't offer a single word for the rest of the transaction.

I've come across two possible explanations for this strange behaviour:
1. She was brought up to dislike foreigners ("white devils").
2. She didn't want me to occupy a table in her almost-empty restaurant for such a low fee.
Surely it's rather more important to grant someone a single bowl of rice, though! As for her lying, that's pretty much a part of modern life. Telling a lie - in daily life or as part of business - isn't really so much of a big deal.

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julia said...

Well at least when you lived here, we cooked you food to go with your non rice dinner!