Monday, December 04, 2006

Sugar Dragons

You can get sugar dragons made in front of your eyes here! While visiting the nearby lake, we found a small market, selling all kinds of unusual goods; skinned coconuts full of milk, deep fried scorpion, fresh Muslim lamb skewers from the far west, and sugar dragons!

A practiced Chinese gentleman will produce a board stuffed with little paintings with a spinning pointer at its centre, and ask a child to spin it. The pointer will land at an animal or object. The gentleman will then proceed to take a ladle of special syrup and whizz it over a smooth marble slab, flattening the sticky things he draws with a special metal tool when needed, where it quickly hardens into a detailed edible sugar dragon! Or a phoenix, or a bicycle, or anything! When the model's finished, he sticks it to a stick, and gives it to the child, who will parade it around for a while, and then quickly gobble it all up. It's fantastic!